Raging River Exploration Inc.

Ragin River Exploration Inc.

Management & Directors


  • NEIL ROSZELL, P.ENG. President & CEO
  • BRUCE ROBERTSON Executive Vice President
  • JERRY SAPIEHA Vice President Finance & CFO
  • BRUCE BEYNON Vice President Exploration
  • JASON JASKELA Vice President Production & COO


  • NEIL ROSZELL President & CEO, Raging River Exploration Inc. Former President & CEO, Wild Stream Resources Former President & CEO, Wild River Resources
  • DAVE PEARCE(2)(3) Industry Partner KERN Partners. Former CEO Northrock Resources Inc.
  • KEVIN OLSON(1)(3) President EnergyX Equity Inc. Former VP Corporate Development Northrock Resources, Former VP Corporate Finance FirstEnergy Capital Corp
  • GEORGE F. FINK(1)(2) Chairman & CEO, Bonterra Oil & Gas Ltd., Director SEPAC, Former director of CAPP
  • RAYMOND MACK(1)(3) Partner: Kenway Mack Slusarchuk LLP, Chairman DFK International
  • GARY BUGEAUD(2) (Businessman)
  • TED BROWN (Corporate Secretary) Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP

(1) Audit Committee
(2) Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee
(3) Reserves Committee